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To provide advocacy for victims of intimate partners and gender-based
violence and integrate newcomers into the Canadian system.


We will train and educate newcomers on Canadian acceptable parenting style.

We will collaborate with the police and the Canadian judicial system to build a healthy community

for victims of intimate partners and gender-based violence.

We will continue to develop and promote harmonious relationships between newcomers and our community.

We will collaborate with victims of sexual based violence to get all necessary help.

We will promote peaceful and harmonious living in our communities.

We will train and empower members of our community to attain their career focus.

We will search for new and improved information and bring same close to our community members.


We develop programs to create awareness for new immigrants on differences in the Canadian culture and their home culture.

We provide holistic services for vulnerable women and children facing intersectional racism and sexism.

We carry out trainings, seminars and coaching on child parenting according to the Canadian system.

We provide safe space for victims of intimate partner and gender-based violence to speak out and get support from the police and the Canadian justice system.

We provide safe space for victims of intimate partner and gender-based violence to speak out and get support from the police and the Canadian justice system.

We organize training and empowerment programs in the areas of Information Technology and Project Management to help new immigrants transit/improve on their career.

About Us

Firm Voice Foundation aka “Voice for the voiceless” is a non-for-profit organization established to address and cater to the needs of the vulnerable, voiceless, and oppressed in our community. There are individuals in our community that are under constant torture, torment, abuse, hunger, destitution, opposition, oppression, and deprivation that have nobody standing or speaking for them. Some have given up on their rights either ignorantly or under compulsion from the forces that keep holding them captive. These individuals include men, women, young girls, young boys, children, visible minorities, immigrants etc. To render our services to the community, we get involved in the following activities.

Commitment to Society We are committed to giving our time and resources to provide compassionate
and comprehensive care to individuals in our community in order to improve their well-being. We help solicit and organize relief materials for the less privileged who face constant deprivation like hunger, clothes, shelter etc.

Youth Crusade There is an audience among the youth that feels that they are alone in life.
They feel disconnected from the entire community. They think nobody cares about what they are passing through both emotionally and mentally. In the end, they seek solace in drugs and direct their energy to things that negatively affect society. It is our responsibility as an organization to identify with this audience and help them find their direction and focus in life.

Integrity We help to create and maintain respect for the people that we represent,
generating trust through good work, sense of responsibility, by keeping our promises and commitment to the community.

Religion We create a forum for people to learn about God through Jesus Christ and help
them to build their faith in God. We use this process to help create a loving society through teachings and selfless service.

We are a Voice. We help find Inspiration for the vulnerable and voiceless in our community who
face constant abuse, violence, and hurts from oppressors within their family members, peers, associates, employers or from people in high places. We give counsel, legal assistance, and general information on how to move forward in life.

Training We educate the public on sensitive issues that concern their well-being and
provide information about their rights and privileges. We organize online public lectures, training as well as in-person lectures.

Diversity and Inclusiveness We believe in the rights of every member of society irrespective of race,
sex, religion and gender. We also believe in the inclusion of the visible minority in our community, especially Black immigrants, Black minorities, African Americans, African-Caribbeans. We help to settle immigrants by providing adequate and relevant information, food and relief materials and shelter.

Teamwork We work together as a team because we believe that working together provides the
foundation and strength for the organization, which helps to bring forth results and provide solutions to the common problems that we seek to solve in our community. We are open to collaborations with other not-for-profit organizations that share and sympathize with our ideas and beliefs.

Our Board Of Directors

Meet the team

Director 1

Maureen Abhulimen


Director 2

Innocent Abhulimen


Director 2

Kingsley Ariajegbe


Director 2

Theresa Adaka


Director 2



Director 2


Director 2

Kerri Eseluka

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